Dimension is the first tech-enabled service to radically simplify waste management for companies of any size, nationwide.

Our solutions are customizable and on-demand, as perfectly suited to solving ad hoc or emergency issues as they are to dealing with regular pick-ups.

Our Mission

Dimension brings the waste management industry into the modern world.

No more chasing providers, dealing with everything manually or juggling half a dozen platforms.

We combine the flexibility and customization of our independent contractors with accountability, scalability and unmatched waste diversion data enabled. All managed through our accessible online platform, giving our customers a consistent service they can rely on.

Our Vision

We want to create a world where managing complex waste streams is as simple as clicking a button.

Dimension is here to be a champion for our customers, using digital tools to remove the hassle that comes from sourcing removal agents, managing pickups and ensuring compliance.

We think it’s vital that we give our users the tools they need to create a clean, sustainable world. We’re committed to offering detailed, extremely transparent diversion data, empower businesses to be sustainable without increasing their already busy workload.

Our Values



Our customers can rest easy, knowing that their waste is being handled by our trusted network of providers. If your original provider is unable to fulfil your request, we'll always ensure that a replacement is dispatched to you as soon as possible.



Dimension is here to radically change waste management with the power of technology.



Dimension takes all the hassle out of managing waste, leaving our customers with more time to focus on the things that really matter to them.

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