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Dimension makes it simple for anyone with a hauling or dumpster rental business to connect to hundreds of jobs nearby, all with just the click of a button.

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Waste Removal

Thursday 14 Jul

San Francisco 94122

Dumpster Rental

Thursday 17 Sept

San Francisco 94122

Cardboard Removal

Friday 17 Dec

San Francisco 94122

Waste Removal

Monday 14 July

San Jose 94122

Cardboard Removal

Friday 17 Dec

San Francisco 94122

Waste Removal

Monday 14 July

San Jose 94122


Why Work with Dimension

Reliable and Fast Payments

Never chase another invoice! Dimension ensures you’ll be paid via Stripe within days of completing the job.

Convenience and Independence

Pick up as many or as few jobs as you want, whenever it suits you, thanks to our flexible system.

Fully Digital

Dimension offers an easy and secure way to find and secure jobs online - saving you time to focus on your work.

Be Rewarded for Your Performance

Our most trusted providers are rewarded for their consistent performance with first access to our highest paid jobs.

Nationwide Presence

We work with all types of customers across the country, allowing you to pick the jobs that are best suited to your vehicles and team size.

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Atlanta, GA

Blake Misajet

Found Dimension back in LA before moving to ATL. I work in home building so I have access to equipment. I don't mind doing any type of manual labor, so for me it's really easy to grab jobs and make some money on the side to save up to pay down some debt. Very good use of time outside my 9-5. The time value proposition is great for me. I can run in and grab 5 trash bags and make 100 bucks in 15 minutes which is several hours of work at any other job. It fits my schedule well when and where I want it. The user base is great and knows that picking up trash is a luxury, and I think a lot of customers are just happy to have a quick easy reliable and affordable solution to their trash situations. I found Dimension last summer and was just picking up jobs in my free time to make some extra cash.

san francisco

San Francisco, CA

Marcos Fernandez

Started about two years ago. Before Dimension, I worked at my company for 8 years. Used just Yelp before as his main source of business. Dimension gives me great jobs. I love my job with Dimension. Good company, great company for us. Dhruv has helped me and wife out so well. And he has always helped us out and ready to help. Very happy to work for us and appreciates the opportunity. Call me anytime and I'm ready to help anytime I can.

san jose

San Jose, CA

Joe Pilkington

I’ve got the website on my phone 24/7 and sometimes even wake up in the middle of night to check to see if there are any jobs available. I’ll check it in the middle of the night and find amazing jobs that haven’t been taken yet, and I get really excited for the week because I know I’m going to make a lot of money. I’ve always got the website up and running on my phone. It’s like a dog chasing a frisbee or going after a car. I just love it and it’s addicting.

los angeles

National Provider

Brad from Clean Earth

You can put Communication is the key to success! Dimension is awesome to work with when we need to close an opportunity quickly.


How it works

  • Find an open task, on our site, including the location, date, nature of the pickup and rate offered.

  • Claim the task, and we'll connect you with the customer.

  • Get paid within a few working days.

  • Make a booking in seconds.


A modern tool for modern providers

Streamline your booking, payment and management systems with our convenient online service.

confirm jobs

Confirm Tasks Online

Our nationwide job pool makes it easy to find and secure jobs online. Once you’ve taken the booking, it’s removed from the pool ensuring clients never double book for the same job.

fast payments

Fast Payments

We’ll automatically begin the payment process when you complete the job. Funds will be deposited into your linked account via Stripe, ensuring quick and consistent payouts.

all in one


Reduce admin work by keeping everything on a single platform, including: schedules, receipts, compliance data and payments.


Instant Notifications

Get automated texts when new jobs are available and reminders for upcoming jobs.

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