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Dimension Selected in Major RFP contract with State of California for PPE Waste Removal

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hakuna Services, Inc. dba Dimension (“Dimension”, , the tech-enabled waste management company, announced today that it has been awarded a Master Service Agreement with the State of California through the Department of General Services, Procurement Division. This agreement will provide waste removal services to state agencies and local governmental agencies … Read more

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Trash Warrior has rebranded into Dimension


Dimension, the San Francisco-based waste management platform, secures $8 million in funding to enhance their technology and expand its services. Formerly known as Trash Warrior, the company aims to increase the US national recycling rate and offers data-driven solutions for B2B waste management, serving notable clients like Amazon, Instacart, and Hilton.

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The Role of Waste Management In Tackling the Environmental Impacts of Plastic


  When in 1907, the first synthetic plastic was developed by the Belgian-American scientist Leo Baekeland developed Bakelite, the future or environmental impacts of the product could never have been anticipated or expected. Today, plastic makes up parts of just about everything, from grocery packaging materials to parts of clothes, carpet fibers, home equipment, household … Read more

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Glossary of Waste and Recycling Terms


Waste management is the process of handling and managing used, recyclable or disposable items. It is an aspect of waste compliance meant to protect the environment. Here are some terms you should know!

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The Importance of Waste Compliance for Businesses


Discover the importance of business waste management, compliance, and diversion in our latest article. Learn how adhering to regulations improves brand image, employee morale & prevents costly fines. Stay up-to-date with waste disposal rules and boost your company’s efficiency through waste diversion. Read now!

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What Size of Dumpsters Should I Choose?


Choosing the right waste bin size is more than going to the store and selecting the fanciest or the biggest ones available. First, you need to understand what your home or business needs clearly. It might not be the first thought that comes to you when you want to get a dumpster, but a waste … Read more

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Nine amazing facts about plastic recycling

Plastic as far back as the 1950s was the future. It was highly regarded as the original wonder material, low cost, adaptable, quickly produced, and an essential tool in increasing the global post-war economy. Despite the long-time presence of other materials like rubber and Bakelite, the reality for the many uses of plastic encircled on … Read more

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The circular economy — what does it mean and why is it so important?


In an evolving world of sustainability, the circular economy is an approach that has metamorphosed over ten years now to serve as a workable substitute to our current, uneconomical systems of unrestricted consumption. It is progressively trending among the masses and has proven to be less demanding for industry or consumers. This approach would start up a durable model, conservation, overhaul, salvage, reconstructing, renovating, recycling.

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Prospects of Recycling — For 2020 and the years to come


As we draw near to the millennium’s third decade, one of the most disturbing concerns of our time is the world waste production- obviously because of the rise in capitalism and consumerism. This predicament is not going away and in fact, is exacerbating each year.

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Improving commercial waste management for your business

Explore the importance of commercial waste management and how waste management software can revolutionize the process. Learn about the role of technology in creating sustainable waste management systems for businesses, and discover how Dimension can provide tailored solutions for your company’s waste management needs.

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COVID-19’s Effect on Waste Management

In a bid to cease the spread of the virus, more severe actions engaged are affecting the global economy and altering everyday life. Borders have been closed to restrict travel, schools are closing, businesses are sending employees home, and everyone is advised to stay indoors for the time being. Despite the world taking these safety … Read more

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Composting food waste — Helpful tips you need to know

One of the most conventional productive ways to tackle the issues of food waste is composting. Now we’ll consider why waste reduction is more valuable and how it works. There is a rising case of food waste in the US with about 40 million tons of food waste estimated to be taken to land refill … Read more

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Creative gifts improvised from waste

It’s important to remember the difference our collaborative financial strength can make on our environment. Regardless of whether you want to change the quantity of plastic in the oceans, you’re shocked by the magnitude of food wastage, or you wholly believe in the circular economy, maybe it’s time to reason outside the (gift) box. Shopping … Read more

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Preserving our Planet: 15 routines your business can employ to reduce waste

In running a company, you cannot ignore the large amount of waste involved. Whether you’re into the production of physical products or you provide services to customers, trash and trade are a package deal. A high percentage of industrial waste fall under what is known as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), or in a lay term, … Read more

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