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Case Study: Instacart

Dimension manages waste in all Instacart’s warehouses nationwide. Our Slack Bot integration makes it so easy to manage and book orders – it is literally a Slack message away! Every waste removal taste has detailed tracking of the waste amount, stream, and end destination, showing with drastic transparency all the ESG metrics.


  • Instacart has a high standard how their self-run warehouses need to be managed, including the waste management component.
  • Cost efficiency is a critical factor because it determines the margin of Instacart’s own profit.
  • Each of the warehouses have frequent ad-hoc waste needs that need to be resolved on-demand in a timely manner.
  • The expansion plan is ambitious. Instacart hopes to find a waste vendor that can serve all their on-demand needs nationwide.
  • Instacart has a vast and busy workforce that prefer not to spend time get familiarized with another vendor app.

Our Solutions to Instacart

Quality Service

Instead of matching Instacart’s service requests with any registered providers in the market, Dimension would only match Instacart with our Preferred Providers that are known for providing premium service and having receiving many positive reviews from previous completed tasks.

Efficient Cost

Dimension offers a customized pricing scheme to Instacart that saves money and makes sense to their business model.


Comparing to our mass market solutions, Dimension offers an even shorter service SLA window to Instacart. Instacart is able to reach our customer success team faster, get the next booking done within a shorter time window, and receive customer support beyond our standard service time.

Nationwide Presence

Dimension is committed to serve any Instacart warehouse location nationwide, without having to know a complete list of all the locations or their future expansion plan.

Slack Integration

Instacart’s modern workforce uses Slack for many operations tasks / coordinations. Instead of having to logging into their Dimension account to manage an order, we offers a Slack integration that allows them to track, manage and change orders through a Slack channel. It enables many internal users to know and update their order status, without having to relaying that information back and forth in separate conversations.

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