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How To Recycle Wood

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Over 12 million tons of wood were disposed of in landfills in 2018 alone.

This was about 8.3% of all municipal solid waste in the same year. Wood is a rarer resource than a diamond in the entire galaxy, but it is renewable and grows just about everywhere on earth, so much so that we take it for granted. This begs the question, why is recycling wood necessary?

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Why Should You Carve A Sustainable Solution With Dimension?

The simplest answer to this question is that recycling wood reduces our need to cut down more trees for use. Cutting down trees affects the several organisms that depend on the tree for food and habitat. Consistently cutting down trees can also lead to soil erosions, floods, increased greenhouse gases, fewer crops, desertification, and climate change. To avoid all these, recycling wood is one proactive measure, and interestingly, more than 80% of disposed of materials are usable resources. This includes wood. 

  • Save money: Recycling wood at a biomass-to-energy producer is cheaper than dumping it in landfills.
  • Make money: State and federal tax credits are often issued for recycling wood sustainably.
  • Help the planet: In 2018 alone, it is estimated that 12.2 million tons of wood ended up in U.S. landfills.

Types of Wood You Can Recycle in a Recycling Facility

Wood can be reusable after going through several specified processes. Some facilities specialize in converting wood into usable materials in several industries. They may grind it into smaller sizes to make sawdust, wood chips, or mulch used in landscaping or animal bedding. It can also be processed for further use as plywood and particleboard.

However, because the facilities need the materials to be residue-free, not all wood can be recycled. You can often recycle any untreated wood. This includes general yard waste such as whole trees, Christmas trees, brush, roots, pruned branches, timber, limbs, stumps, wood trims, shipping pallets, and wood debris from construction.

Once the wood has been treated, or some chemical has been applied, you can’t recycle it. These include lacquered wood and stained wood. It would, for example, be impossible to recycle furniture wood. However, wood that can’t be recycled can still be repurposed or properly disposed of. Often, the easiest and least costly way to dispose of wood responsibly is to use a garbage removal service such as Dimension. 

Which Other Ways Can You Dispose of Wood?

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Taking your wood to a recycling facility is not the only way to recycle it. There are other ways to make sure your wood, whether treated or untreated, is responsibly disposed of.

Garden Compost and Mulch

Wood, especially when untreated, contains a lot of carbon and nutrients. Hence, a way to use them would be to convert them into chips for your garden compost. You can also use the wood chips for your garden mulch and animal beddings.

Donate to Woodshop or Recycling Centers.

If you have wood left from construction or demolition, it may be possible to donate the unused wood to a woodshop or a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you. 

You can also check if there’s a wood recycling center, local waste management facility, or salvage yard in your community.

Furniture and Playground equipment

Reclaimed wood or recycled wood can often be used to create several furniture pieces. This is especially useful if you’re handy and enjoy working in your garage or home workspace. Table, shelves, bookcases, and chairs can be made with reclaimed wood, and if you live in a rustic style home, handmade furniture adds quite a bit of style and esthetics.

You can also use reclaimed wood to construct playground equipment such as swings and climbing frames for your kids. 


Reclaimed wood can also be used for home flooring. Many homeowners enjoy the vintage look it gives to the floor. The wood used for this can come from demolition waste.

Biomass Fuel

Another way to dispose of your wood is to use it as combustible biomass fuel, a renewable energy source. It’s important to note that it is dangerous to burn treated or painted wood as these release toxic chemicals that may pollute the air and affect your health. Wood for use as combustible biomass fuel to be burnt in a fireplace or pit should be untreated.

How To Prepare Your Wood for Recycling

Step 1: Make sure to remove any screws and nails on the wood

Step 2: Separate laminated or treated wood from untreated wood.

Step 3: Cut down large pieces.

How to Reduce Wood Waste

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There are a few sustainable and ethical practices to reduce wood waste and avoid the adverse effects of cutting trees on the environment.

  • Use woods that are rot and pest resistant for home improvement. Woods such as cedar, redwood, and white oak naturally resist rot and you can use these rather than treated wood. 
  • Also, use reclaimed or recycled wood for home improvement.
  • Properly maintain your wood products. Keep the cracks and joints sealed, and do necessary repairs.
  • Use high grads woods that are ethically sourced and are reparable when needed. This reduces the need to dispose and replace often.

Hiring a Trash Removal and Disposal Professional

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Wood Disposal

Wood doesn’t need to end up in a landfill. It is one of the easiest materials to transform into new products, with reclaimed wood being used for pathways, household projects, organic matter for gardening, and even pet supplies. The possibilities for recycled wood are endless, so choosing a smart solution for your wood disposal management is a must.

Dimension will simplify your wood materials waste management and recycling plans by tailoring a solution that suits your company’s needs. We will identify opportunities for how to make your wood usage and recycling more efficient and sustainable, saving you money and keeping the environment happy.

If you’re not ready to deal with the stress of recycling and repurposing, or there’s no avenue for these in your locality, and you still want to dispose of your wood responsibly, the easiest way to go about this is to hire a professional waste disposal service and let them handle it. Some waste disposal services may offer this service for a price. Google “Wood Waste Disposal Services Near Me” and find some suggestions. 

Dimension can help you out!  Not sure how to dispose of your wood? Give us a call, and we’ll get to it!

Apart from relieving you of the stress of disposing of your wood yourself, we’ll also help you haul it from your home. We help you dispose of both treated and untreated wood in responsible, sustainable ways. We are a team of professionals, and we preach responsibility and compliance in waste disposal. We know how best to handle your wood and make sure it is recycled.

What’s more? We don’t only handle wood disposal; we can help with other items you don’t need, including mattress disposal, couch disposal, furniture removal, cardboard recycling, appliance disposal, etc. And unlike most waste disposal/  junk removal companies, we are very affordable.

Give us a call today!

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