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How To Dispose of Your Commercial Waste Responsibly

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If you have a business, whether a restaurant, an entertainment outfit, office, trade site, grocery store, recreational center, construction or demolition company or educational site, you generate commercial waste- all the waste produced in places of business is classified as commercial waste. This also includes waste from Agriculture, and production and processing companies. The waste materials could range from organic waste to concrete, cardboard, glass, food wrappers, and other retail packaging materials. Each of these waste materials should be recycled separately. 

Although these waste materials can be recycled the same way you dispose of and recycle any other waste, such as kitchen or home waste, there are legal requirements for handling commercial waste. Consequently, businesses and commercial outlets have to seriously consider their place in waste disposal. They need to be responsible and ensure proper disposal and recycling of their waste. Depending on your locality, the laws may apply differently to commercial waste disposal. However, as a business, your values, which for most companies include quality, sustainability and responsibility, should also reflect in your waste disposal and management scheme. 

If commercial waste is improperly managed, it may potentially have a harmful effect on the environment. Not only does the physical environment suffer in the form of over capacitated landfills which affect soil, water and air quality on its own, but wildlife on land and the ocean, as well as people, are also affected negatively.

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Why Manage, Recycle and Dispose of Your Commercial Waste Responsibly? 

Managing your commercial waste responsibly, often through a commercial recycling strategy by a waste management and commercial junk removal expert is a way to promote responsibility and sustainability in your business. Apart from aligning positively with great business values, your business can:

  • Save money: through waste reduction/recycling
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Contribute to resource conservation of wood, metals, etc.
  • Contribute to greenhouse gas reduction.
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How To Be Responsible With Commercial Waste

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is a two-way advantage. First, you can come up with a way to reduce waste in your business. This may mean stricter measures on responsibility and sustainability. However. Waste reduction efforts may be as simple as reducing paper use or ensuring that every reusable material is indeed reused. Depending on your industry, you can also upcycle some products and sell them to consumers as upcycled goods. However, also, proper disposal and management of your waste helps you reduce waste inevitably. This leads us to the second point.

Tracking Your Waste

You can find a way to track how much waste is leaving your commercial premise at intervals. It’s easier to effectively manage what you measure. In-depth knowledge of your business’ waste generation metrics will help. However, tracking shouldn’t only include weight measurements. It’s also important to know what’s in your waste! Your business may be generating totally unnecessary waste. This is how waste disposal and management help with waste reduction. If you know what’s in your waste, you can make efficient decisions on waste reduction as you’ll know exactly what materials to cut down on. You’ll also know what in your office isn’t being used. This altogether, helps you reduce the cost of running your business. Better commercial waste management helps you reduce container costs, transfer costs, collection costs and landfill costs of commercial waste disposal. 

A reputable waste management company such as Dimension can provide waste analytics services, which gives you data about how much waste you’re generating per specific period.

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Preparing Commercial Waste for Disposal and Recycling

Step 1: Separate the types of waste

It’s important to separate the different types of waste you generate. Don’t just have a massive bin to store all the types of waste your business generates. Remember that sustainability and recycling is the goal. If you mix all materials together, it may make it difficult or impossible to recycle. Consequently, your commercial waste may end up in landfills.

A great waste management provider may be able to advise on how to sort your commercial waste. They may be able to provide individual recycling bins for suitable waste handling or mixed recycling bins for materials that can go together. Dimension can help here.

Step 2: Store Securely

It’s important to store your commercial waste securely. Use proper containers with lids or covers that protect your waste from weather elements like rain. Your commercial waste disposal service provider should be able to advise on the types and sizes of bins you need for your business and if you need different bins indoors and outdoors. They may recommend business-grade bins or wheelie bins for outside and small ones for inside. 

It’s also important to properly label all the recycling bins so everyone knows what goes where.

Step 3: Consideration for Hazardous Waste

If you generate any hazardous waste such as batteries, oils, etc., in your business, you should check how to manage them. Hazardous waste should be disposed of and stored separately from other commercial waste. Provide a separate waste bin for this waste.

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Hiring a Waste Disposal and Management Expert for Your Commercial Waste

The easiest way to ensure responsible management, recycling and disposal of your commercial waste is to hire a professional waste disposal service and let them handle it. Dimension can help you out here! Not sure how to responsibly manage the daily stream of waste from your grocery store, restaurant, facility or other business? Give us a call, and we’ll get to it!

Start your commercial recycling strategy today!

Many offices and commercial organizations do not properly utilize the tons of waste materials and waste streams that they produce. Dimension will go further than other junk removal services and make sure that your business becomes a part of the solution, not the problem.

Why choose Dimension for your commercial junk removal?

Dimension specializes in waste recycling of all kinds. Most people don’t realize just how much of their waste can be recycled, leading to poor management of materials that impact not only the environment but also the bottom lines. Everything from cardboard to plastic film—even scrap metals—can be recycled.

  • Create jobs. More than 70,000 people benefited from recycling jobs in 2012.
  • Boost wages for no extra effort. 1,000 tons of recyclables is equivalent to about $65,000 in wages.
  • Make the most out of materials. Some materials, like paper, can be recycled 5-7 times before losing quality.

Rethink your commercial recycling today! Our expert team is ready to:

  • Boost your bottom line.
  • Identify lifetime opportunities for savings.
  • Develop waste disposal strategies that are kind to the environment, your community and your business.

Get in touch with the Dimension team now, and we’ll talk you through a tailored, sustainable organic waste recycling plan that will save you time and money, and help you run a planet-friendly, sustainable business.

We are a team of professionals, and we preach responsibility and compliance in waste disposal. We know how best to handle your commercial waste and make sure it is disposed of, composted and recycled sustainably.

What’s more? We don’t only handle commercial waste disposal; we can help with other items you don’t need, including plastic disposal, mattress pickup, couch removal, furniture removal, cardboard recycling, appliance disposal, etc. And unlike most waste disposal/  junk removal companies, we are very affordable.

Give us a call today!

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